UForce 411

Haven’t signed up yet? Just logged in and you’re not sure what to do next? Over the next few weeks we will post some quick tips about how to use UForce to your advantage. First up is:

Creating a Mission

One of the most important parts of UForce is that you, the consumer, can more or less invent your own deals. How? You create a mission.

Log in to www.theuforce.com. (Of course, if you have yet to sign up for the service, enlist first. All we’ll need is your name, email, zip code and age.) After doing so, you’ll be immediately directed to your own personal “My MarketPlace” page.

From there, you’ll see a bubble, “Create a New Mission.” Click it. Up will pop a new page with a search bar, where you can literally type in anything you want a deal for.

my mission

As you can see, I typed in “Travel to California” and pressed search. Immediately, I was shown that there already was a mission for discounted travel to the great western state – and all I had to do was join. Easy as that!

Now, let’s see what happens when UForce does not yet have a deal on something you want – and you thus need to create a mission of your own.

Go straight to the drop down bars you’ll see on the Create a New Mission page. I have a lot of friends getting engaged, so I’m in need of gifts to give them in the next month. As you’ll see below, I chose a main category “Floral/Gifts” for another subcategory “Engagement,” a desired price point– $25 to $35—and a desired time period that I’d like to receive a deal by (1 Month).

Next, all I do is hit the big, red, Create a Mission button.

Voila! A small screen will pop up congratulating you on your mission, which you can in turn share with friends on twitter, facebook or other media channels. Then, you can also choose to go on to Mission Command, where you can check up on the mission you just created.

Now, you can see that my mission is created and there’s currently one person—me—in the pool.

Simple, isn’t it? Stay tuned for more helpful UForce training tips!


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