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Creating a Better Way to Buy

My name is Andrew Atkin, the founding member of UForce — that’s right, member #1.

I am a buyer, not a shopper.  To tell you the truth, I don’t like shopping very much.  Why? The process is entirely controlled by retailers and manufacturers.

They control pricing.

They control promotions.

They control when what products go on sale.

They control everything.

Retailers and Manufacturers can do this because we all act as individuals when we shop.

During a sale, we the consumers actually compete against each other for the limited quantities available.  Just watch the news during the holiday season where we line up at 4 a.m. at Walmart  to get one of  10 laptops that are door-buster priced. Crazy or what?

It’s time we take control. Thanks to the thousands of social networks we are all now connected to each other and we can leverage these connections to band together to purchase as a group.  Retailers will look at us in a whole in an entirely different light when a group of 1500 consumers join forces to buy a flat panel television. It beats going up against Walmart as an individual.

It’s time we created our own marketplace, one where retailers and manufacturers play by our rules.

We are the UForce. You are, too.


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